• Challenge of Champions, sponsored by Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV, is an annual academic competition among area Nonpublic Schools that encourages students to work together on mixed teams of ten students per team from each participating school, in a series of six events and one team-building activity.

    2018-2019 Challenge of Champions Competition will be held on Saturday, November 10, 2018, at Butler Catholic School.

    Overall Competition Goals:

    Speaking and Listening:
    Listen in order to understand and follow direction. Listen to and acknowledge the contributions of others. Contribute and participate in group discussions. Display appropriate “turn taking” behaviors. Adjust involvement to encourage equitable participation among team members. Facilitate total group participation.
    Display confident and articulate well during presentations.

    Reading Comprehension:
    Read carefully to understand and follow directions Read content critically to determine needed information Read to make responsible assertions by citing specific evidence from the text Read to connect new information or ideas in the text to known information
    Make inferences and draw conclusions based on information in the text

    Mathematical Problem Solving and Communications:
    Develop a plan to analyze a problem, identify needed information, carry out the plan, verify answer, and verbally explain answer to the problem Use appropriate problem-solving techniques
    Use correct calculations of math problems