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Homeless Students Focus on Learning

  • Marcy Dadich donates proceeds from craft show to Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV’s Special Education Services to be used in special needs classrooms

    Marcy Dadich, a second-grade teacher at Mercer Elementary School, Mercer Area School District, held a craft show to benefit Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV ‘s classrooms. Dadich raised a total of $3,760.00 for MIU IV. At the May Board Meeting Dr. Wayde Killmeyer, Executive Director of the MIU IV, recognized Mrs. Dadich for her generous donation.

    Marcy Dadich and her husband Tim, have 4 children: Aidan 13 years, Jonah 11 years, Carter 9 years, and Lyla 4 years old. As a toddler, Aidan was diagnosed with a Developmental Delay and received speech, physical therapy, and occupational therapy through the IU. He also attended the IU preschool.

    When Carter turned 4 years old, he was diagnosed to be on the Autism Spectrum. He received Speech and Occupational therapies as well as attended the IU preschool. Carter still receives services through the IU today.

    “My family and I have received a great deal of help over the years to help our children be successful and reach their fullest potential. Therefore, I like to find ways to give back the help we received,” said Dadich. “Craft shows have become very popular over the years. I thought a craft show would be well received by the community. Also, a craft show was something that my children would be able to take an active part in helping with, which was very important to me.”

    “I wanted to donate all the proceeds from the craft show to a local organization that would help children the same way my family had been helped. The IU was instrumental in Carter’s current success and I wanted to give back and allow other children to have the same possibility.”

    Mrs. Dadich received a great number of donations (concession stand items, Chinese auction baskets, etc.). People also donated their time to work the concession stand and to sell tickets for the Chinese Auction. “This year’s craft show was even more successful than last year’s,” commented Dadich. “This would not have been possible without all the help from my family, friends, and the Mercer community.”

    MIU IV will be using these funds to purchase much-needed supplies for Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy (OT/PT) support in Mercer Area School District classrooms. Some of the supplies that will be purchased range from items to help a student write and draw, to specially designed equipment to assist a student in posture, stability, and fitness.

    Also on the list for help is MIU IV’s Applied Behavior Analysis Program (ABA). The funds will allow the IU to purchase Assessment Kits and Language Builder Cards, among other things.